Monday, November 15, 2010

Culinary Tag

Sophie has a wonderful food blog over at Sophies Foodifiles.  She lives in Brussels, Belgium and I love seeing her cultural spin on food!  She tagged me to answer the following questions...

1. What is your most memorable meal that you ate in your life & why?
Probably the first time I cooked an entire holiday dinner dairy and gluten free.  It was almost shocking and oh so exhilarating finding out that even the people at the table who were not dairy and/or gluten free really enjoyed it.
2. Why did you started blogging?
I started blogging as a creative outlet and so that I could share my recipes with family and friends.  I love that it has grown to a bigger audience!  
3. What is your favourite restaurant, where & why?
I really do not have a favorite restaurant.  Where we live I really don't feel comfortable eating out with my food issues.  I also haven't traveled very much so this is a difficult question for me.
4. Which are your 3 most favourite chefs in the whole world and why?
Wow, only 3 choices!?!  If I had to choose I think that they would be -
Nigella Lawson because of the simplicity and home style nature of her food.  I love how accessible her food is.
Tyler Florence because of the ability he has to bring together different food cultures into one dish.  I also love the techniques and passion he brings to the table.
Jamie Oliver because of his passion to cook fresh, local, and healthy.  I love the rustic fresh from the farm approach he has.
5. What is your favourite recipe on your own blog and why?
I have so many that I love; however, here are just a few... 
I love my Gluten Free Goat's Milk Mac 'N Cheese with Bacon and Caramelized Onions.  It is a great mac 'n cheese on its own, but can be altered into so many other delicious cheesy pasta bakes such as Cheesy Chicken and Bacon Casserole.
I also love my Diva Dairy & Gluten Free Brownies.  They are great with or without the chocolate chips and/or nuts.  They also are great topped with Dairy Free Baker's Chocolate Buttercream Frosting or Dairy Free Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.
6. To which music do you listen to when you cook and bake & why?
For the most part, I don't listen to music while I am cooking and making.  Around Christmas time I might put on Christmas music while I am baking.
7. What is the strangest food that you have ever eaten and did you like it or not?
Probably the strangest food I have ever eaten is Sushi.  I just do not like it!  I don't enjoy fish to begin with and then to attempt to eat raw fish... Ick!
8. What is your most lovely food destination in the world & why?
I used to dream of going to Tuscany before figuring out that I need to eat dairy and gluten free.  I think that it still is my dream food destination; however, it would be challenging.
9. What is your most favourite food shop in the world & why?
I can't just narrow that down to one place and I can't comment on the whole world as I am not well traveled.  However, I love Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and Sunflower Farmer's Markets along with Fresh Farmer's Markets.  I wish that I lived close to any of those stores or near a year round Farmer's Market!!  I love the abundance of choices these stores offer when it comes to fresh produce, gluten free products, and dairy free products.
10. Which kitchen gadget do you love the most & why?
My KitchenAid 6 quart Professional Stand Mixer with attachments!  I love that it can do anything from roll out pasta dough, to make ice cream, to grind fresh meats, to shredding fresh veggies, to mixing and whipping and so much more!

I am not tagging anyone to do this; however, I would love to read your answers if anyone feels like doing it!  I think it is a great way for us to get to know each other a little better :) 

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