Thursday, August 6, 2009

Name Change? Not Sure...

As you all know I live a dairy free life due to an allergy. Well, in the past few months we found out that I am also allergic to wheat and gluten. This means I really am not The Dairy-Free Diva anymore but instead The Dairy & Wheat Free Diva.

Should I change the name of my blog (this wouldn't change the address of my blog)?
Should I start a new blog with a new name?
Should I just leave things be name wise and blog dairy and wheat free?

Comments, suggestions, and the like are appreciated on this issue!

I do apologize for not blogging on a regular basis. Health issues and a lot of life turmoil have been plaguing me this summer. I am still cooking and altering recipes to work for me and my food issues though! So be ready for me to hit you with those when I can get back to things full time!


  1. Nah, don't change the name. Just glad you are back--we missed you!

  2. Hey there so happy to hear from you. Hope your health is getting better and the turmoil is now over. I have had my fair share of turmoil this summer too, you are not alone in that. Things always seem to work out.

  3. I think I'd keep your name but add the wheat thing in your description under the title. :)


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