Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amy's Gluten Free Non-Dairy Spinach Pizza with Rice Crust

OK so I broke down and bought one of Amy's Gluten Free, Non-Dairy Spinach Pizza with Rice Crust. It was on sale so I figured I could have a treat.

Overall I think that for a frozen pizza it really isn't bad. It is a frozen pizza after all and how truly great are any of those even without the gluten free dairy free thrown in on top. The crust could be a tiny bit crisper so I think I would bake it a little longer than suggested next time. However, the crust does have a nice nutty taste and is very light which is a bonus. It also needs more cheeze so I would add some Follow Your Heart Vegan Mozzarella Cheese (I didn't have any on hand) to the top before baking. I think that it would be better if you had some marinara sauce to put on top after it came out of the oven or to dip it into since it really just doesn't have enough toppings or punch of pizza flavor. It also really doesn't have a very distinct spinach flavor even though it is billed as a spinach pizza. Maybe a little chopped garlic thrown on top while it is baking would punch up the flavor too now that I think about it. You really can't add toppings to the top before baking because of how cheeze works. It wouldn't melt at all without being able to put it up next to that broiler at the end if it was covered with toppings. But if I could figure out how to do it I would add marinara sauce, well drained chopped spinach (frozen or canned), chopped garlic, and sliced mushrooms (fresh or canned) then top it all with the cheeze.

Overall it is pretty good and since I didn't have to fuss with making a scratch gluten/wheat free crust it is probably worth the $10 price tag.

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